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I have 20 years of experience in medicine and 7 years of experience in rheumatology. I have completed my Rheumatology fellowship from LSU health, Shreveport. I am board-certified in both Internal medicine and Rheumatology. I have worked in different hospital systems throughout my life and came to realize that patients are not truly independent if their providers are not independent. I was searching for a way of practice which will give freedom, autonomy and power to my patients. The great restricting factor for our health system is the 'middleman', so I have established Nova Rheumatology to practice medicine or rheumatology the way I want to practice and the way I believe the medicine should be practiced. It provided me a unique opportunity to serve my patient best possible way.

Diagnosis and management of rheumatological disorder can be difficult, complex and at times daunting. Often it requires time and attention that is lacking in traditional way of practice. Our goal is to explain the patient the way they understand the problem and help them in every way possible to deal with their difficult moment.

I understand that not every disease is curable or not every problem will go away but making life little easier and comfortable for my patients is worth practicing medicine

I believe better doctors or physicians are not those who already have extensive medical knowledge but those who can learn from their patients (listen to their patients).

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