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About Nova Rheumatology

Nova Rheumatology is the first direct care rheumatology in North Carolina. It is established by Dr. Nazmul Kabir as a solo practice in Raleigh. The purpose of the practice is to provide exceptional care and be involved in every step of the care without any interference from outside or third parties. In order to provide direct care we have to get rid of "middleman" or third party-insurance companies and replace it with more accountable and transparent process. To make it clear, just ask yourself how much you understand your health insurance and big health or hospital system. Are those process transparent? If the answer is no or if you do not know then this is the right place. If you are not satisfied with status quo or our degrading health systems, you may look at our alternative path.

Every human being is different, so medical care should be customized according to one's need. Conventional system does not allow customized care. Our goal is to provide individualized care according to your need and preference.


Excellent Rheumatology Services


Available Packages

Member Package ($75/Month)

Enrollment fee $150 (one time, nonrefundable)

Four follow-up visits free

Subsequent visits (if needed) at $50 per visit

Discounted labs, medication, procedures/injections

Direct communication with provider

Same day or next day appointment

Non-member Package (Fee-for-service)

New consultation: $300/visit (60 minutes)

Follow-up visit: $200/visit (30 minutes)

Injections/procedures: $150/procedure

Communications charged prorated at $300/hour

Refills only available through visits

Prior authorization: $100

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