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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not have insurance; can I see a Rheumatologist?

You do not need insurance to see our rheumatologist. You can be seen as a member or nonmember/cash pay fee-for-service.

2. What is the difference between conventional Rheumatology and Nova Rheumatology?

Nova Rheumatology is mostly a membership-based service. Insurance is really not required and we do not submit bills to insurance company (we do not take insurance). There is no middleman, you will pay directly for services you choose.

3. Do I need a referral to see a Rheumatologist?

No referral is needed. Anyone can contact Nova Rheumatology and can be seen in few days after initial screening. There will be basic screening process to see if you will benefit from rheumatologic evaluation.

4. Can I use my insurance for medications, labs and/or imaging?

Of course, you can use insurance for medications, labs and/or imaging. We do offer discounted rate for medications, labs. We do not take insurance for our services (visits, labs).

5. How do I make an appointment?

You can email, call or use contact form to message Nova Rheumatology to request appointment. We will contact you to get the basic information. After evaluation of information by our provider, you will be offering an appointment or explanation.

6. What to expect from first visit?

The first visit is designed to assess any rheumatological disorder and if you need or benefit from membership. Also, to see if it is a good fit (both for the patient and provider). Normally there will be a second follow-up visit.

7. I do not know if I have rheumatological disorder, do I need membership?

Every patient will have first visit to determine if he or she has rheumatological disorder. If it’s apparent that you do not have rheumatological disease, then he/she will not need membership or follow-up visit. Sometimes people have disorder which requires only 1 or 2 visits per year, in that case he/she can do fee-for-service which will be much more convenient.

8. What are the benefits of membership?

Free clinic visits up to 4 times a year (discounted visit afterwards), longer each visit, discounted labs, discounted medications, direct communication with provider, easy access, next day appointment etc.

9. Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime you want. Cancellation of membership will automatically discontinue all the services. It is required 1-month prior cancellation notice so that at least 1 month of continuation of the service before switching to another provider.

10. Are home visits available?

Yes, but it is limited and conditional. It will be available to some patients with significant extra charge.

11. Are tele-visits available?

Yes, tele-visits are available for established patients. Prices are same as normal visits.

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